About Our Work

MGR is a social enterprise that offers energy efficiency retrofits, residential renovations, and a service for vulnerable persons who cannot prepare their home for bed bug treatments. Our team of locally employed trained professionals takes pride in providing our clients with affordable and efficient services. By earning the trust and satisfaction of our customers, MGR is helping to create meaningful employment, more affordable housing, and stronger communities.

Why MGR?

The answer is simple: you can purchase our services at market rates with the assurance that your money has a ripple effect in the community in which you live, have your business, or operate your organization. MGR returns the money you spend to the community by employing people who face barriers in the labour market, by supporting members of Winnipeg?s Social Purchasing Portal whenever possible, and by creating new niche market businesses with a similar mandate.

Our Services

MGR?s primary services include, but are not limited to:

  • Residential Renovation
  • Property Maintenance
  • Bug N Scrub Service
  • Bulky Item and
    Abandoned Good removal
  • Temporary Help
    via Workforce Staffing Solutions