MGR Opens Borders on the River Trail

IMG_1062On January 27th, 2017 we completed work installing Open Border along with some minor repair work on previous year’s River Trail warming huts.

This warming hut “is a radical intervention in the landscape, a straight wall perpendicular to the long, linear skating trail on the Assiniboine River. The red wall can be seen from far in the contrasting white landscape.?The wall creates a strong visual border. However, the warming hut is physically accessible over the entire width.” (Form The Forks

Barriers often exclude or impede individuals from one another. IMG_3083This one has brought a community together – in many more ways than one. Thanks to the architects ?Joyce de Grauw & Paul van den Berg, from Rotterdam, Netherlands for this inspiring piece, and thanks to The Forks for the opportunity to do meaningful work.

For more information on Open Border and some spectacular photos, please see this article on designboom.