Our Team

In Winnipeg, there is a large group of people who face barriers to the formal labour market. MGR helps to identify and eliminate those barriers. We connect with people in the community who want to work, develop skills, and build a foundation for improving their lives. Our team values the opportunity to work, and takes great pride in providing our clients with professional service.

In addition to construction skills training, MGR provides our employees with access to a comprehensive and integrated set of supports and resources within a much needed positive, supportive, and understanding working environment.

December AGM

Our Mission

The overall mission of MGR is to ensure that our programs and services have a positive impact in the community, and address issues such as poverty, adequate housing, and meaningful employment. Through our community development work, we are consciously addressing the mandate that ?there is a place for everyone.?

While MGR is committed to our social objectives, there would be no work if it were not for our valued customers. Therefore, we take great pride in providing our clients with affordable, efficient services, completed by MGR?s team of trained professionals.


Social Enterprise

It depends on who you ask, but social enterprises are generally defined by the fact that they operate like a business by producing goods and services for the market, but manage their operations and redirects their surpluses in pursuit of social and/or environmental goals. In other words, profits are returned to the business or towards a social purpose, rather than maximizing profits to shareholders.731_765-Main-Street

For MGR, being a social enterprise means that we have made a commitment to improving the communities we work in by providing meaningful employment and training to people who otherwise might not be considered employable in traditional labor markets. MGR is dedicated to achieving a triple bottom line by creating a positive social, environmental, and economic impact in the community.

MGR is a founding partner in Winnipeg?s Social Enterprise Centre located at 765 Main Street, along with Pollock?s Hardware Co-op, and BUILD.