January 8, 2018: MGR and Manitoba Moose Hockey Night

On January 8, 2018 Assiniboine Credit Union, donated tickets for MGR staff members to attend the hockey game of the Manitoba Moose vs. Grand Rapids Griffins. A very entertaining time was had by staff and their guest. The game ended up going into overtime with the Manitoba Moose falling short of a win, which ended in a 3-2 loss. Thank you again to Assiniboine Credit Union, for a exciting staff game night.

February 3, 2017:?MGR Opens Borders on the River Trail

IMG_1062On January 27th, 2017 we completed work installing Open Border along with some minor repair work on previous year’s River Trail warming huts.
This warming hut “is a radical intervention in the landscape, a straight wall perpendicular to the long, linear skating trail on the Assiniboine River. The red wall can be seen from far in the contrasting white landscape.?The wall creates a strong visual border. However, the warming hut is physically accessible over the entire width.” (Form The Forks

Barriers often exclude or impede individuals from one another.
This one has brought a community together – in many more ways than one. Thanks to the architects ?Joyce de Grauw & Paul van den Berg, from Rotterdam, Netherlands for this inspiring piece, and thanks to The Forks for the opportunity to do meaningful work.

For more information on Open Border and some spectacular photos, please see this article on designboom.

August 31, 2016

Thanks to our friends at CCPA-MB for taking the time to look into Social Enterprise. Our very own Lisa Atkinson gave her two cents on the topic, so take a look and read the accompanying report here.

August 10, 2016

Way to go Corwin! You worked hard and got your license, and we at MGR couldn’t be happier for you. The pictures should go next to each other in two columns. The date for the post should be August 10

March 7, 2016

Manitoba Green Retrofit, along with B.U.I.L.D and L’Arche Tova Cafe, was honoured to be a nominee in the Social Enterprise Category of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce’s Spirit of Winnipeg Awards, which took place Friday, March 4, 2016. It’s a big step forward to have the Social Enterprise category , and our folks?had a fantastic time at the awards. Big congrats to B.U.I.L.D, who won the award. It’s a pleasure to be in the same category as you!

Sasha Bird, Sara Atnikov, and Joey Fagnan of MGR at the Spirit of Winnipeg Awards

Sasha Bird, Sara Atnikov, and Joey Fagnan of MGR at the Spirit of Winnipeg Awards

February 8, 2016

A drivers license is something many of us take for granted, but it’s a?big deal, and an even bigger deal when you haven’t had one before or haven’t had one in a long time. Our all star employee Lisa worked hard, practiced driving over her lunch breaks, and got her license February 8th! This makes her all the more employable, and just adds to the skills she’s developed while working at MGR. Way to go, Lisa! We’re so proud of you!

Lisa Atkinson with her brand new drivers license

Lisa Atkinson with her brand new drivers license

December 4, 2015

On December 1st, representatives from the Manitoba chapter of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNET),?and MGR’s own Chris Courchene met with His Worship Mayor Brian Bowman to discuss opportunities between the City and social enterprise.

The meeting was a positive one, and we thank the Mayor for for his time. We are excited to continue to be a part of the ongoing discussion, and we look forward to partnering in the future.

His Worship Mayor Brian Bowman, with representatives from CCEDNET and MGR

His Worship Mayor Brian Bowman, with representatives from CCEDNET-MB and MGR


October 5, 2015

This past Friday we closed the office, shut down work, and paddled the La Salle. With the help of folks from Momenta, we had lunch, a quick paddling lesson, and then set off to take advantage of a perfect fall day.?Back on land?we did a little word association game, and the two words used most often to describe our afternoon were together and beautiful, which are the perfect words to sum up our time?with our amazing crew of people.

image1 image2 image3 canoeing

September 16, 2015

Open Interview for Demolition Workers

On Wednesday, September 9th MGR?showed up to the North End Community Renewal Corporation (NECRC) at 7:45 a.m. and there were over seventy people waiting to apply for demo jobs. Demo work is hard, physical, and tiring. There were so many people we had to hold the “interviews” in the parking lot.

In the end, we got over one hundred resumes for eight jobs. There is no way we can hire them all right now, which is heartbreaking.

To anyone who says people are lazy, or they don’t want to work: look at this, and shut it. ?#?peoplewanttowork?