Bug N Scrub

MGR has developed and operates the Bug N Scrub service in partnership with the Government of Manitoba.

We also offer Safe Passage, a moving service available to the public to help ensure a bed bug free move. We will pick up furniture and bagged clothing, heat treat it, and return it to the client’s new residence.

The success of any bed bug treatment program increases with proper preparation of a home or apartment. For vulnerable persons who need help due to limitations that prevent them from preparing their home, the Bug N Scrub program provides a variety of preparation services such as moving furniture, general cleaning, laundry service, and reducing and removing clutter. The Bug N Scrub team returns to the home or apartment after treatment is complete to put things back in order and seal the unit to prevent infestation from neighbouring suites.

Vulnerable persons that need service must be referred by qualified organizations or individuals that have first- hand knowledge of the needs of the applicant.

Referrals are made by completing an assessment form [PDF 27 KB], or by calling the toll-free Bed Bug Hotline at 1-855-3MB-BUGS. Services are offered free of charge for approved referrals.

More Information: http://www.gov.mb.ca/bedbugs/program.html

Our complete service is broken down into three phases/visits:

Phase 1: Introduction & Assessment

  • Introduce the Bug N Scrub team and description of services to the client.
  • Assessment of the unit to establish where bugs are concentrated and approximately how long the preparation will take.
  • Coordinate scheduling with exterminators.

Phase 2: Cleaning & Preparation

  • Pack up clothing, linens and all fabric items for heat treatment.
    • Laundry is heat treated in our custom made heat trailer, and returned post chemical treatment.
  • Inspect and bag loose items, allowing furniture, cupboards and closets can be chemical treated effectively.
  • Vacuum and mop all floors, wipe down walls where necessary.
  • Targeted steaming of bed frames and furniture infested with live bugs or eggs.
    • Steaming, unlike chemical treatment, kills both live bugs and their eggs.
  • Remove and replace outlet covers and lightly apply with Diatomaceous Earth.
    • This is a non-toxic control measure that will restrict both the movement of bed bugs and the availability of a common ?hiding place?.
  • Work with clients to help de-clutter their units.
    • Furniture and items that cannot be effectively treated can be wrapped up and disposed of correctly to aid in effective treatment.
  • Supply and install bed bug proof box spring and mattress covers.

Phase 3: Sealing & Prevention

  • Seal baseboards.
  • Foam/caulk pipe chases.
  • Install outlet insulators and covers.
    • Bed bugs will often find their way into walls and neighbouring suites through conjoining walls. Sealing is an easy way of restricting future bed bug movement.
  • Assist client in setting back up the unit.