Renovation, Repair, and Property Maintenance:

For your residential property maintenance requirements, MGR can guarantee you a professional and friendly service. Through?our experience, training, and versatility, MGR is able to undertake jobs of all sizes.

Our specially trained team can help you maintain and improve the quality, condition, and value of your home. MGR can handle anything from simple household fixes to seasonal maintenance. Our comprehensive Property Maintenance Services manages the inspection and repair of various household and exterior projects:

  • Rental unit repairs (we?ve seen and done it all)
  • Office moves and reorganizations
  • Basic plumbing and electrical changes
  • Patching, painting, and new drywall installation
  • Repair and replace/windows and doors
  • Finish work (trim, mouldings, counters, caulking, etc.)
  • We also offer an in house moving service and cleaning services.

Bulky Item Pickup and Removal of Abandoned Goods:

MGR?offers pickup and safe disposal of bulky items and abandoned goods. On moving day,?bulky items are often left with abandoned in?back lanes, leading to unsafe environments, fires, and the spread of bed bugs.

A call to MGR means our trained staff will come and safely and securely remove the items and take them to the dump, so they don’t end up being a safety issue for?your neighbourhood.?


MGR?s proven success is based on:

  • Accurate cost and time projections
  • Ability to have projects well planned prior to commencement
  • Respected, highly trained, and professional team
  • Dedicated management that are committed to thorough project follow-ups

We seek to provide our clients with the best possible service while minimizing costs and construction time. MGR ensures that the correct personnel and equipment are on site and that work is carried out efficiently, safely, cost effectively and on time.[/wpcol_2third_end]